Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where did August go?

Wow September is just around the corner, feels like August flew by!
With fall almost here it means rabbit shows will begin to pick up and carry through winter. With my job at the vet it is difficult to attend many shows because of my every other weekend commitment at work. Despite this I am still going to make an effort to attend as many shows as possible, especially to study the other breeds as I begin my registrar journey. (My breed posters have arrived in the mail but the study guide has yet to arrive.)
I did some general barn cleaning today both in the goat barn and rabbit barn. I also worked on posing the hares since they have a show this Saturday in Pennsylvania. None of them were thrilled with the idea and Jasper absolutely went balastic, that rabbit's days are numbered if his personality does not improve. He is the first Belgian Hare I have had with a true "bad attitude." Now he's also the skinny rabbit I mentioned before so if there is some health problem underlying his boxy, growly nature may not be his fault, none the less he is being watched closely...
I will be submiting my e-mail entries tomorrow once I finalize who will be showing, so far my plan is to show Alice, Maeve, Emmer, possibly Trixie, Oliver, Duke and Murphy of the hares. Trixie is looking pretty nice at the moment, her type is flawed but if anything she can be a class filler. The junior does look gorgeous, the bucks are all out of condition which is so weird. I have decided to sell all of my bucks at this show, I do have interest so first pick will go to those who have e-mailed about them. Jasper and Gem are staying home, Jasper since he's skinny and nasty and Gem obviously because of her cuterebra. On a side note, Gem looks beautiful and its such a shame she won't be showing, she's all healed with the fur growing back in already.
The Rhinelanders are trickier.. I think I'm just taking Burrito, Pinto and Theo. Although I may take along Fajita to show too, she's finally looking less broody and I haven't succesfully bred her to Theo yet. Churro will be there for sale, if she doesn't sell she'll be bred later in the fall. I don't really have many showable Rhinelanders which is shame since there is a specialty show too.. oh well hopefully with breeding I can improve and increase my number of showable Rhinelanders.
I have a busy week ahead preparing for the show and various other farm things, including setting up for the arrival of 12 rare/heritage breed day old baby chicks in another week... more on that soon! :)

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