Sunday, May 31, 2009

Better Photos of the New Rhinelanders

Sage playing in the grass

Cute!! Cute! Cute!

Bianca, she is feisty!

Bianca is very unique looking and has nice type.


Super cute!

Friday, May 29, 2009

California Bunnies

Here are their first photos, they are very stressed from the trip so these are quick shots from their cages.
This is the cute little 8 week old doe.. I'm playing around with names.. Sasha? Sage? Hmm.. she's SO cute, look at those perfect face markings!

Here is Theo, he is very scared at the moment. He is super sweet, he has beautiful bright orange markings which will help so much with my darker Rhinelanders.

This rather unflattering photo of a mid stretch is of Bianca my new brood doe. She is a sport, which means she's Harlequin colored as opposed to marked... in essence she is a solid colored Rhinelander as opposed to a broken Rhinelander, a marked Rhinelander. She is feisty and very preggers!

There is something fuzzy at my house too.. this is one of the bunnies staying with me until moving down to Southern, VA next week.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shipping Experience!

The bunnies departed from Sacramento Airport in Sunny California at 10:50 Central Time and arrived at DCA Airport in Arlington, VA at exactly 9:41 pm. (no DCA is not in Washington DC even though its address says it is...)

They were carefully unloaded from the belly of the plane, placed on the luggage buggy and wheeled right to me at baggage claim. Every bunny was wide eyed and worried but they looked okay. They took a ride to my house and were setup in my living room to decompress and relax. They are all eating, drinking and doing normal things. This was a very long trip for the bunnies so I'm glad no one is worse for the wear.

My trio of Rhinelanders are even prettier in person than in their photos. I went with a cute 8 week old doe with breaks in her spine marking but flawless type and beautiful markings otherwise. My second pick was a more orange junior buck who is showable and a sport doe who was bred to the handsome and famous Crossfire. All three are doing well, they ate their hay, played with their toys, drank some water and settled in.

There were 7 other bunnies who came along who have a "layover" of sorts at my house until they make their way to Southern Virginia and North Carolina. There are three fuzzy lops and 4 woolies. They are all cute and so tiny compared to my Rhinelanders!

Shipping has been an experience, I think I would do it again sometime. Its important to be well organized and communicate well with those who will be sending the bunnies along. I must say thank you again to Lisa and Lorena for getting the bunnies to us safe and sound, I couldn't be more thrilled with my three and I'm sure the other recipients will love their bunnies too!

I'll get some photos tomorrow once they've had more time to adjust. :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Shipping Saga

The shipping arrangements have all been made, now its just the waiting game.

Tomorrow the bunnies will depart from Sacramento, California bright and early and arrive late in the evening in Washington, DC. They will then have to take an hour and a half car ride to my house in the country. Originally I planned to unload them in DC at my mom's house but that just isn't going to be feasible. My bunny barn has not arrived at my property yet so the 12 bunnies will be moving into my living room! Luckily I have a nice tarp to put down to protect my floors and brand new stackers for the bunnies to live in. 9 of the bunnies on the shipment will be going to other bunny friends in Virginia and North Carolina, they will only be staying a short while at my house until they make their way to their new homes down South.

I have to thank Lisa of Wooligans for being willing to ship all these wonderful bunnies and I have to thank Lorena for putting together a phenomenal trio of Rhinelanders and for being willing to ship these great bunnies too!

I'll keep everyone posted on the shipping adventure, fingers crossed all will go smoothly! :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Getting Warm

The weather is already getting very warm in Virginia. This weekend my mom opened her pool and the dogs already are enjoying it.. unfortunately for humans the temp of the water is still way too cold to be truly enjoyable!

With the joy of warmer weather there has been some sad news at the rabbitry. Holly of Choxic Rabbitry lost Hot Tamale our co-owned Rhinelander buck. She made a really beautiful tribute to him on her blog which you can visit from my links menu on the right. He will be missed terribly, he was a very sweet, active Rhinelander who would have done great things for the breed, sadly he never got the chance. I miss you buddy!

This photo of him was taken right after her came home from ARBA Convention 2008, he loved to eat leaves, he was such a handsome bunny..

With the sudden loss of Tamale, I realize the importance of expanding my Rhinelander herd, you never know when something unexpected may happen. I am currently working on having a trio of Rhinelanders shipped from Lorena in California to help with widen the gene pool and improve my herd. Lorena has gorgeous Rhinelanders and I am so excited for their arrival, they are just fantastic rabbits. Shipping will be a new experience which I plan on sharing many details about on my blog. I am shipping my Rhinelanders in conjunction with a few other rabbit friends who are shipping some fuzzies and woolies, without them my shipment of Rhinelanders would not be possible so I am very thankful for them inviting me to join them in this shipping fun!

Friday, May 22, 2009

10 Weeks Now?

The Belgian Hares are 10 weeks now and still growing every day. They are still quite awkward at the moment, they have short bodies and more length to limb this week. Who knows what changes will come next week? I continue to evaluate up until 12 weeks and then re-evaluate as needed. Even at this young of an age I have a good idea of who may show well and how would do better as a part of a breeding program instead of on the show table. Breeding animals are not bad animals at all, take my Trixie for example, she's a healthy resiliant girl who may not sweep the show table but she produces well and takes excellent care of her offspring.

Duke is looking very short in body at the moment, but his limb extension is lengthening although he doesn't like to pose on his toes, this should improve with age, he comes from a line with great ankles. I like his arch even though it is flat over the hip, once again with time I think he will develop nicely!

Murphy is certainly the POL at the moment, despite his shorter front limb he has a really nice arch that feels so smooth. Running your hands on his HQ is so nice, nothing seems to stick up or out. I'd like to see more length to his body also, it'll be nice to watch him continue to develop.

Jasper has a nice arch coming in and nice long limbs. He hates to pose so it is very hard to get a good photograph of him. So far his arch and front limb are his best traits, I'd like to see stronger ankles and a better pose but I'm very happy with him so far!

Oliver has turned into the surprise in the litter. Last week I wasn't very thrilled with his development but this week he's looking nice. He is shorter in limb but very fine in bone, he poses well and has a nice arch to him. He really reminds me of Rebel who lives in Jenny in MI.

Alice is a cutie, she likes to look right so its hard to pose her up. She is a sweet bunny, she's a little flat over her hips but has good limb extenesion and pretty strong ankles coming in. I like her the best of the does so far.

Maeve, or mini Trixie as I sometimes call her is an interesting case. Last week she looked just like her momma Trix. This week I'm seeing some differences. She still has a pretty poor arch that is quite choppy but she has nice limb coming in.

Emmer has a smooth arch but is shorter in limb. I do think she will do very well on the show table in the future since she has such a promising figure. Emmer is VERY feisty!

Gem has been a little dissapointing.. She is friendly and gentle but her type is not something I'm really happy with. She has a very weak arch, that starts way too late and is sloped and choppy. She also is quite short in limb, she does have a nice ticking and fine bone. I'll have to wait and see how she changes over the next few weeks.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Reese's Pieces the cute guinea pig that I brought back from the PA Convention is doing great. He lives the spoiled pet life with my supervisor at work where he is enjoyed by the whole family. Today he got a nail trim and a photo shoot at work.
Amazing how long his coat is getting and he's only 4 months old!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Bunny Barn

My bunny barn has almost made it home! It is currently at the dealer's lot awaiting delivery to my home, the weather has wreaked havoc on delivery so hopefully it will come home soon.

It is 12'x24' more than enough space for my expanding herd of bunnies!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Evaluating Hares

Belgian Hares like any breed of rabbit have stages of development. Up until 6 weeks they tend to look like any other "up eared" breed of rabbit but then they all of a sudden will pop. Their ears get longer, their legs lengthen, their tails seem to grow overnight and they begin to perk up and pose like an adult hare.

I find that my line tends to develop slowly. Some folks have hare babies which literally look like minature adults from 6 weeks on. My herd is the opposite, they go through growth spurts where different body parts seems to grow faster than others. Their front legs may be super tall and long while their hindquarters are chopped as they grow at a slower rate. I don't usually seriously evaluate my hares until they hit 12 weeks, at this age I tend to have a better idea of which bunny has what it takes for the show table.

My current litter is nearly 9 weeks old, and I do have a very good idea of a few things at this age. You can call for nail DQs at this age, stray white hairs which will cause problems as the hare ages are apparent already and their adult ticking is coming in which will help determine who has nice ticking and who doesn't. I don't evaluate color at this age since they're molting into a more adult coat but I do evaluate bone, fine bone is what I'm looking for.

This past litter combined the solid arch and hindquarters of Putz which I had thought would compliment Trixie's nice color, great ticking and super fine bone while hopefully eliminating some of her faults including her weak hindquarters.

I started posing my babies at about 6 weeks and just started to seriously work with them to get them more familiar with posing and being handled for the show table. Not all of them are fans or stars at it yet but in time I hope they continue to mature well. Here are my evaluations so far, feel free to comment!
Alice is my favorite doe so far. She has beautiful fine bone with strong ankles, she has a lower arch that doesn't quite have a sweep (much like her momma) but it isn't too choppy.

Maeve has my least favorite body in the whole litter and you can probably see why. She has a very choppy arch which I can only hope will improve as she ages if not she'll probably be sold as a brood or pet doe. On the more positive end she has fine bone and good ticking, and she really likes to pose.

Emmer is a real cutie, she has nice fine bone and nice ticking. Her arch is slightly chopped and she is very resistant to sitting up on her toes but her ankles are coming in nicely. She has good length to body so far.
I didn't get a very good shot of Gem, she is a nice little doe with slightly chopped HQ and fine bone with fair leg extension. I like her ticking and head.
Jasper is super fine in bone, he has really nice leg extension and a nice arch coming in. I'd like to see more length to his body as he ages and better ankles so he sits more on his toes.

Oliver is darker in color like his dad, he has a solid body which is slightly chopped in the HQ, he has okay leg extension which will hopefully improve with maturity. I love his ticking!

Murphy has alot of spunk, he has a very rounded arch coming in, nice fine bone and strong ankles, he carries himself nice and high and has good ticking.
Duke's been one of my favorites from the start, he has a great body on him, a nice arch coming in, long legs with fairly strong, straight ankles. I'd like to see him round out in the HQ as he ages and to carry himself with a bit more length to his body.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Blog

The new Blog is officially launched! :)

The old blog (Suburban Bunnies) will be archived and a link will be posted to it very soon. The website will go off line at the end of May and will be the permanent new home to our online domain.

In honor of the excitement of fast approaching move in to the farm I'd like to share a surprise with you all.

Imagination Acres will be welcoming Nigerian Dwarf Goats to our farm! In June we will be adding a cute pair of wethers from Country Bumpkins Farm in WV. I couldn't be more excited!

This cute little fellow's name is Fiddle

And this little one is Banjo.

Banjo and Fiddle are blue eyed heavy white buckskins. They have been disbudded and wethered and will be much loved pets here at Imagination Acres. I can't wait to welcome them home!