Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bye bye Sunny

Sunny, a personal favorite Rhinelander from a litter late last fall will be heading to a new home tomorrow.
I get attached to all of my bunnies but a few always stand out.. Sunny has been one of those bunnies for a while. I've worked on bunny hopping with him, he's got a laid back attitude and he's just an overall goofy Rhinelander.
Sunny is a very orange in color Rhinelander hence his name, he is showable although the orange and a messy face marking are a big fault, he's got great type and is a big boy. I hope he has fun in his new home, he will be missed!
Along with Sunny, I've had a woolie visitor these past few weeks who will be heading to his new home too. Its always nice when we rabbit folks can work out transport between adjacent states.

Choppy my ear-less and toe-less Rhinelander doe wasn't impressed with out photo shoot, she'd rather stretch out for a massage... Rhinelanders are seriously hilarious.
The handsome Sunny all ready to depart to his new home!

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