Thursday, June 10, 2010

RIP Jules

Jules my pretty silver marten Mini Lop was euthanized today.
After a very long battle with pasteurella Jules took a significant decline this afternoon and was no longer able to walk or eat. It was time to let her go.
She was a very unique rabbit in many ways. When I first fostered her for the rabbit rescue 5 years ago she was totally wild, she wouldn't let anyone touch her and she'd kick like none other if you dared to pick her up. She got into a fight with Melody once that left Melody with over 3o stitches in her ears and she used to love to dunk baby carrots in her water dish til her water turned orange and the carrot lost all color!
With alot of patience she did come around, while never the most friendly rabbit she was still special and a very good sport about being costumed!
Cindermy Flemish is now all alone, his companions over the years have slipped away. With Jules passing the only original bunny left is Shelby now over 8 years old and living the spoiled single pet life with a family friend.
Its a bit hard to think of the original bunny bunch as gone now, but they are what opened the doors to the wonderful world of showing and raising rabbits.
Binky free Jules, tell the rest of the crew I say hello and miss them.

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  1. So many hugs Whit. She was so lucky to spend her life with you!! She is a beaut. RIP baby Jules