Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Summer is in full swing in central Virginia.
The humidity has swept across the state and fills the air with a heavyness everytime you step out. The forest surrounding my house reminds me of something out of a movie with steamy waves of fog drifting through the moss covered tree trunks.
For me its a time of reflection, the month of June marks my official one year anniversary of living on the farm, while I purchased the property a year ago in February it took me 4 months to get the place in shape to truly move in. Alot has happened this past year and its been a very exciting time overall.
For me, summer means pool parties, beach trips, being thankful for airconditioning in the bunny barn, mowing the grass, adventures outdoors and lots of ice cream!
The animals are fareing well in the heat, the bunnies of course are spoiled with A/C. The goats have plenty of shade to relax in and full buckets of cool water. The chickens scratch up a nice cool hole to relax in, so far so good but its only June, July and August are usually brutal around here.
I didn't make it to the West Va show last weekend, unfortunately with the heat being so intense and my bunnies used to A/C I couldn't justify the stress of dragging them out, there health is too important, along with that I was exhausted from working the overnight and was working that evening too. My next show won't be until the fall, I've had a baby hare boom so I should have quite a few juniors and young seniors to show off once fall arrives. Hopefully I'll have some luck with my Rhinelanders too!
Here are some photos of my goaties that I took the other day. Tuesday the farm vet is coming over to do a herd check on them, vaccines will be in order among other things...
Fiddle and Tambourine stretching for the best browse.

The entire herd minus Fiddle!

Fiddle is very photogenic

He is also an attention hog, his opinion is the best place to sit is in a human's lap...

Athena, she waggled her ear so its blurry, she's such a sweetie!

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