Friday, January 29, 2010

1 week til PaSRBA & Rhinelander Sell Out

Just one week left til PaSRBA! My first and only show for the first part of 2010!

Its hard to believe the BIG show is so close now. I will be departing on Friday and traveling with the wonderful Keep of Keep's Rabbitry in NC. I will be cooping all of my rabbits in the Open show building, this includes all of my sales rabbits. Look for a sign that says "Rhinelanders for Sale," if you'd like to take a look at them in person. I've had some verbal interest in quite a few but have not received any deposits, so I don't consider anything sold until I have a deposit in hand. All Rhinelanders will be sold on a first come first serve basis, they'll come with transition food and pedigree. Discounts for multiple purchases, several breeding pairs available, although I am buck-heavy.

I will add the two rabbits who are not currently on the sales page of my website this weekend; Seven and Sage.

I have some organization stuff to do prior to the show and of course carrier prep/modification so that all rabbits will fit in the car for the trip. A few juniors still need tattoos but that is pretty much it, I'm absolutely ready to go.

I have decided to keep only one Rhinelander at the moment; Burrito who is with her litter. She and her babies will be for sale as soon as they are weaned. This means that I will be selling out of Rhinelanders after all. At the moment my lifestyle is just not condusive for two "showy," breeds. I'd rather focus my efforts on something more practical and will be looking to bring in a breeding pair of a rare-heritage meat breed. I really would like American Chins, but will be limited by the selection of whats available at PaSRBA.

I will be continuing on a small scale with my hares as usual.

The goal for numbers in my rabbitry will be no more than 5 sr. hares, a pair of sr. meat rabbits and the 4 pet bunnies.

I am excited to place my new order of baby chicks in the next week for a mid-March arrival. Hopefully by then I will have eliminated some of my predator problems. I will be bringing in several new Domoniques, Delawares and Jersey Giants to boost my depleted flock. Baby chicks are alot of fun, and it will be exciting to watch them grow up.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

In Loving Memory of Elmo

April 25, 2007 - January 24, 2010
Elmo went over the bridge today, it was a sudden passing after a brief battle with a severely fractured tooth. Elmo lost interest in eating and drinking, and became very depressed despite aggressive treatment with forced feedings, pain medication, and SQ fluids. He passed away quietly in front of me, joining his old companions Ezra, Avery, and Melody.
Elmo was a very special French Lop, he brought immense joy to whomever he met and was even a certified therapy bunny with a Washington DC pet therapy program when I lived in Alexandria. He was so gentle and easy going, and such a good bunny friend.
Cinder, Jules, and I miss you already big fellow.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

2 Belgian Hares for Sale at PaSRBA

Imagination's Duke - 1 leg - $120.00 FIRM
Imagination's Gem - $150.00 FIRM

Both will be 11 months old, Duke is a proven buck, Gem is at the exact age that I breed my hare does for the first time. They are both very nice show quality Belgian Hares.

ETA: They are siblings and as such are NOT a breeding pair. Sorry no pet homes, and I request that they be housed in solid floored hutches, as that they have been raised on such flooring from birth. I will NOT sell them to someone who plans to house them on wire or wire combined flooring.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sad Day

Came home from class to over half my flock of chickens killed most likely by raccoons.. they were decapitated or just piles of feathers. This is what I get for keeping the dogs inside due to inclement weather.. perhaps if Pep and Reuben had been outside there'd have been a dead coon instead. What an awful thing to happen. I am so bummed..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So Busy

I'm very busy at the moment so all website updates are on hold, including my farm website and the breeder directory. I will be putting most of my website on hiatus in a few weeks only leaving a few pertinent pages up since I just don't have time to keep it updated. Don't worry the breeder directory will be updated as often as I can spare time. I have stepped down from my webmaster position for the Blue Ridge Rabbit and Cavy Club, hopefully someone will take over soon and get the site updated.
I am swamped with my first week of classes already, I have two science labs along with my distance learning courses, I'm working as often as I can along with keeping things rolling with the farm.. Needless to say I have very little down time and won't for a very long time.
The animals are all great, I've started separating my two older litters of Rhinelanders and will be tattooing them on Friday, as noted in my previous blog post, all of them are for sale and will be at PaSRBA. Prices are negotiable on these babies. The goats and chickens are just fine, I'll be ordering more chickens this spring to boost my flock numbers, I hope to have hatching eggs and baby chicks for sale by the end of this year, my 3 breeds are really wonderful, they are hardy and great layers with sweet, easy going personalities.
That's all for now, since I don't have any cute baby bunny or farm photos to share here are some photos my sister sent to me from the Island of Dominica where she lives:

A sperm whale off the coast waves his tale to say "hello."

I'd say my sister is living in paradise!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

101 Posts - Sale Rhinelanders part 1

Today is post number 101!
Hard to believe I've already made 100 posts on here since switching from my old Suburban Bunnies blog.
As for the content of today's post.. its pretty much all photos. It finally warmed up enough in Virginia today to do some serious cleaning in the bunny barn. I also took the opportunity to get photos of the many Rhinelanders I will have for sale at PaSRBA in a few short weeks.
I evaluated my hares too and am pretty disapointed in the coat conditions on all but Duke and Newton.. As that Newton can't be shown I'm really hoping the lady hares get some condition back on, especially miss Maeve.
Emmer is so molty that I ended up just breeding her to Newton today. Trixie still isn't interested in him and Emmer was more than ready to be bred so hopefully in a months time I will have lots of baby hares to play with. This is a linebreeding of sorts since Newton and Emmer have quite a few ancestors in common, they have excellent type and compliment one another nicely.
And now the photos:

Sage making friends with Sally. Sage will be re-bred sometime in the next few months to Seven.

A couple of Burrito's babies, they moved back into the bunny barn permanently today. The baby on the far left is the one missing parts of its ears and one paw. It is very sweet and is nicely marked.. such a shame it can't be shown!

Imagination's Sunny, jr. buck out of Theo x Fajita, I am debating as to whether or not he is showable due to his markings on his head.. I'll be re-reading my standard closely to compare to his questionable markings. Sunny will be for sale at PaSRBA.

Imagination's Sunkits, jr. doe out of Theo x Fajita. Cute doe, congested markings but technically showable. Her color is well balanced and she has nice type so far. She will be for sale at PaSRBA.

Imagination's Pizazz, a jr. buck out of Churro x Rupert. Its hard to see his orange in this photo but he has it, he is a showable buck, his type is rather cobby at the moment but he's only 8 weeks old, I'll hold off til 12 weeks to say more about his type. He has good markings overall and will be for sale at PaSRBA.

Imagination's Mandarin, a jr. buck out of Theo x Fajita. Mandarin is very orange but he has nice markings and very nice type for only being 7 weeks old. I like him alot and think he has lots of potential, he will be for sale at PaSRBA.

Tope Note's Chromatic (Fajita) just off her 2nd litter, she is a beautiful doe took BOB and BOS at PaSRBA last year, she has one leg. I would consider her mostly brood now, but she could be shown if she is conditioned. Fajita is very sweet, an excellent mom, and only 1.5 years old. She will be for sale at PaSRBA.

Imagination's Double, a jr. buck out of Churro x Rupert. Cute little fellow, heavily marked with several markings DQs. He'll make an excellent pet or a brood buck in the right home. He will be for sale at PaSRBA, very good personality on this cutie!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A few things to share

Monday begins my last week before life gets VERY hectic again.. I return to college part-time two days a week the following week and going to class on top of farm responsibilities is going to make time management very important.
I've been doing alot of thinking lately regarding the rabbits especially. I have not had any luck with my Belgian Hare litters, so assuming I do not produce any babies from Trixie/Jasmine next month I will not have any juniors for hare nationals, if this is indeed the case then I will NOT be attending Hare Nationals in Ohio, I see no point in attending when I'd only have seniors to show, most of which will hopefully be coming off their first litters. So at this point in time I'd say its unlikely I will attending Hare Nationals this year.
As for the Rhinelanders.. I've been making some very tough decisions with them and have ultimately decided to reduce my Rhinelander numbers significantly. I will be cutting down to a trio of senior animals. I've made my decisions and the 3 rabbits that will be staying are Burrito, Sage and Seven. The rest of the Rhinelander herd including all the juniors from my first 2 litters will be at PaSRBA for sale. This is an excellent opportunity to get started in the breed with some quality stock from excellent lines. I will be working hard next week to get photos of all the Rhinelanders on my website and on the blog displaying the sale animals.
Sage's single marked kit and Burrito's marked kits will be too young for PaSRBA so they will stay on the farm until they're old enough to be weaned and evaluated. As for wether or not I'll be at Rhinelander Nationals in PA? I'm just not sure right now.. I'll make a decision closer to the show date.
With the Rhinelanders being cut back significantly I will be bringing in a trio of American Chinchilla rabbits. These bunnies are going to be used for meat purposes almost exclusively. Since I won't be in the show circuit I wanted to get a breed that I could continue to raise regularly with an appropriate cull outlet that also fulfills my rare breed requirement.
So that is where things stand at the rabbitry at the moment. The Belgians Hares remain in full force, the Rhinelanders are being cut down and most likely cut out by the end of the year and American Chins are coming in. I'm feeling very good about these changes/decisions and am looking forward to seeing where my rabbit projects go this year.
And here are two photos of my sister and her boyfriend visiting the farm over their break from the Island.

Elyse holding one of the babies from Burrito

Elyse and Rick and a lapful of babies

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! 2010 is bound to be full of great things!

I have started a new blog that is dedicated to my dogs, and specifically will be documenting the progress my foster dogs make on their road to adoption. Come check out Imagination's Pit Bull Blog to see what adventures Pepper, Reuben and Sally are getting into. New posts will be added as often as I can spare, I will be posting my experiences, training tips, my methods of multi-dog management and pit bull ancedotes on the new blog. My goal is for the blog to be both educational and fun to read.
Don't worry all of the dogs will continue to make apperances on this blog too, they're a very important part of my farm life!