Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sales Photos

Okay sale photos are up and the sales page on my website will be up to date momentarily with these bunnies!
Imagination's (you name him)
DQ marked jr. buck (false charlie)
$15.00 - yup, this is a great price for him and he'd make an excellent match to Churro!

Ferchaud's Sage
DQ marked PROVEN sr. doe
Feisty gal and excellent type!

Imagination's Joy
DQ marked Sr. doe
Ready to be bred for the first time.

Imagination's Churro
DQ marked Sr. PROVEN doe
Excellent mother, broody in type, would make a good match to jr. buck above.

Imagination's Bounce
(DQ?/Showable?) jr. buck
Just a baby, questionable on 3 spots for his left side since one is near the ankle and isn't seen when running. Type looks good so far, other markings are good too.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rhinelander Brood Rabbits for Sale

A sales post without photos!? For shame..

I'm going in a different direction with my Rhinelander program so its time to let some bunnies go on to new homes where they can be assets to other breeding programs. I will have photos posted here and on the website this weekend, but for now here's the descriptions.

3 Brood Does, 2 proven, 1 ready to be bred

Ferhcaud's Sage was flown in from Rough and Ready Rhinelanders in California in the spring of 2009. She is a pretty doe who is a little on the dark side. Her type is phenomenal, markings are great, her DQ is 2 small breaks in the spine marking. So far none of her offspring have inherited it. She is a feisty girl so would need a home thats familiar with feistier rabbits. She is an excellent mother and has large litters.

Imagination's Churro

Her markings are very congested but when crossed to a lightly marked buck she does not pass this on. She is a smaller doe, shy but easy to handle and an excellent mother.

Imagination's Joy was born in December of 2009 and is ready to be bred. She is a beautiful doe who I grew out to see if a spine break would end up as a DQ, alas as an adult it is large enough to be a DQ so I'm moving her out as a brood doe. She has lovely type and side markings, her mother was fabulous so I expect she will be too.

And a jr. buck

Imagination's Bounce is jr. buck who is *technically* showable although I consider him more brood. He has good markings on one side and only 3 spots on the other, just enough to show but a picky judge may DQ him or fault him heavily.

Photos to come this weekend!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Wonderful Video thanks to Katy!

Here's a wonderful video that Katy passed on to me. Katy is the momma to Edie and Francis a pair of spayed/neutered pet Belgian Hares I sold 2 years ago! They are doing binkies for banana chips!
What spoiled, lucky bunnies they are to have such an excellent home. Thank you so much Katy for sending this along!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pet Quality Belgian Hares - Available in October

I will have a handful of pet ONLY Belgian Hares bucks available in mid October. They will be 10 weeks old when they are ready to go home. They are very sweet, playful, good natured boys who will have been exposed to litter training and have been handled often.

I don't usually have pet only Belgian Hares for sale so this is a great opportunity for those who have been interested in getting a pet hare. While they are all technically showable they will not be sold with pedigrees, not even by offering to pay a higher amount, if you're looking for a hare to breed/show I will have some select stock for sale after Convention.

I'll post photos and videos soon!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Good Dog!

There was some excitement this morning on the farm. I had a late start since I worked til midnight last night and slept in til around 8 am. When I finally got it in gear and went out for morning farm chores I noticed Reuben and Pepper were rather "on edge."
Normally they bound playfully around the yard and try and steal feed from whatever I happen to be feeding whether it be the pig, the chickens or the goats. Instead Reuben ran straight to the bunny barn and proceeded to shove his very large body underneath the shed where he went into "attack dog mode." He was barking and snarling and snapping and so forth at some unseen by me threat.
Its very dark under the shed so I went up to the house to get a flash light so I could see what was going on. He would not come out even with me calling for him and promising him a treat. (what a stubborn fellow he can be..) When I got back to the shed I saw him doing the death shake to a juvenile opposum near the ramp into the bunny barn. He then dragged the possum partially out from under the shed and dropped it proceeding from there to go sit in a patch of light to sunbathe the threat to his beloved bunnies eliminated.
I am very thankful Reuben and Pepper are so aware of the predators on the farm. Unfortunately since possums are rabies vectors and since there have been confirmed rabies cases in my area I called animal control to remove the possums carcass from the property and have it tested for rabies. This now means Reuben and Pepper too by default are now under a 45 day quarantine/or until the test results come back. While frustrating, I understand that this is for the safety of everyone involved. Reuben is fully vaccinated and was boosted for his rabies this past March so he should be in very good shape.
After this morning's excitement, I'm ready to go back to bed..

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sorting through the Convention Prospects

With so many succesful Belgian Hare litters this past spring and summer its going to be a challenge to decide who will remain behind at the farm and which lucky 16 hares get to attend Convention.. I spent a good amount of time in the barn this evening after wasting the whole day asleep after I got off work at 8 am. (I'm battling a major cold right now and the rest really helped me feel better.)
I'm really pleased overall with the progress in my Belgian Hare breeding program, for the most part all of the babies produced this year surpass their parents in type and color. While they're still young and changes are inevitable, I think they will all make great show bunnies and those that won't be in the top of their classes have the potential to produce some beautiful babies in the right breeding program.
I'm making lists, crossing out names, adding names, and then crossing them out again as I try to decide who will be attending, and more importantly who will be for sale.. Its a daunting task but I'll get through it!
Recent photos:

One of Gem's little girls, just over a month old. This cutie has a white spot in the middle of her head, I will have to watch her closely to make sure it molts out. I've seen this before in my past litters and they have always molted out once the bunny reaches 12 weeks of age.

Gem with her 3 little girls. (I've had very doe heavy litters this year except for Emmer's most recent litter of 6, 5 bucks, 1 doe!)

Imagination's Cupid who got pecked by that plucky hen..

Cupid again, she is a lovely doe and will be attending Convention and is the first official hare on the sales list.

Gem with her little girls at play.