Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sorting through the babies

My older Rhinelander litters are just over a month old now, their baby fuzz is finally starting to disapear and their individual personalities are really begining to shine. There are some curious kits, adventurers, lovebugs, cuddlers and even some sleepyheads.

This is the age when I start them on the running board more seriously, I closely evaluate them for the show table and I start making my culling cuts in my mind. At this young age they mostly binky accross the running board but you can see "stand outs," with good tracking even when their this little.

All 3 charlies and the sport kit from the Sage x Theo litter will absolutely be for sale. Their sister from an older litter, Nutmeg just kindled a nearly perfect marked litter of 11 babies and along with that all former babies from older litters have had beautiful type so these charlies and sport kits will make great brood prospects for any Rhinelander program. I'll be sexing them and photographing them in the next few weeks and place them on my sales page. I will also post a photo of Diego, a buck sibling from and older litter so you can get an idea of the expected adult type on these babies. (I'd post one of Nutmeg but she just had a litter so she's in brood mode at the moment!)

The unshowable marked kits from the Tibs x Tiger litter will also be for sale, unshowable marked rabbits can make great brood animals, all of these kits lack on markings so by crossing them to a congested or heavily patterned marked Rhinelander they will produce much better and more balanced offspring. Type looks good so far on these cuties.

All of the babies seem confident and would make suitable agility/hopping rabbits when they are older and their skeletal growth is finished, they also would make fantastic pets too.

I won't have any showable babies for sale from these litters since so few are show quality but hopefully my newest litter from Nutmeg and my upcoming litters from Churro, Confetti and Blues will offer more prospects!

Prices for all DQ babies, regardless of whether they are marked, charlie, or sport are $35.00 with pedigree as future brood prospects and $20.00 without pedigree as a pet/agility bunny.

As always any charlie/sport that is not sold by 12 weeks will be culled - permanently, so if you want one make sure you let me know before mid April. Delivery is available to the NC Convention and Richmond, VA show in March.

Photos and sexes of the sale babies will be posted in the next blog. The babies will be ready for new homes the weekend of March 19th.

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