Friday, June 17, 2011

Caddy Kidded - Its TWINS!!

Seems like every post lately has been goat related!

I'm happy to announce that Caddy kidded this morning to a pair of beautiful buckling/doeling twins!

Caddy kidded right before I got off from work, the babies were still damp when I got home. Both were active, nursing and doing really well as was momma Caddy. She did great, had them on her own without assistance and was doing as well if not better than she did with her triplet bucklings last year. She has a tiny udder that hasn't developed much from last year but we'll see how it fills out in the next few weeks when she starts getting milked.

The two kids are super cute, a black and white doeling and another tan(red) and white buckling that looks just like the buckling born about 2 weeks ago to Wind Chime.

Both kids are really big so its a good thing that she didn't have any trouble delivering them. They are super sweet little babies and will be alot of fun to raise these next few weeks.


Only about an hour old in this photo

The little buckling with momma Caddy

What a sweet face, already a lap baby!

The doeling, she's got cute markings

Momma Caddy nursing her twins

Siblings, such cute baby goats

And Gigantor and Dudette born earlier this month are doing well, they've both been disbudded and are growing like weeds.

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