Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Joy Kidded - Its TWINS!

And the goat posts continue!

Almond Joy decided to kid a little early which was a welcomed surprise for me. Her ligaments loosened on Monday and I actually took her into the emergency vet I work at on Monday night because I didn't want her to progress into labor alone as a first freshner. Joy is my tiniest doe and was a bottle baby so I worried her mothering instincts might be a little lacking without human encouragement.

She held out to kid until around 6:30 on Tuesday evening, she required major assistance, much more than Dixie and Wind Chime. Her first baby a beautiful almost completely solid black buckling presented breech with one leg tucked back - sparing the details I was able to rearrange him and deliver him succesfully. Fifteen minutes later her next little baby an almost solid dark brown (chocolate) buckling presented head first with no legs - once again with assistance he was rearranged and delivered.

Joy did really well and immediately started cleaning off her two healthy, big boys.

Joy with her two new kids, the chocolate buckling in the back and the black buckling in the front

Joy doing a great job of cleaning her kids off

The nosey pit bulls were right there to help too.. not that their help was needed..

The solid black buckling - he has a bit of white on his ankles, the chocolate buckling has a small amount of white on one of his flanks.

These two cuties have such different colors/markings then my other Dude kids, its so interesting to see the range in markings/colors you can get from different parents - genetics are fascinating.

These two little fellows will be available as pet wethers in about 2 months. Future bucklings from Joy almost certainly will be able to be kept as intact bucks, her FF udder is gorgeous! I can't wait to get her on the milkstand.

With Joy having succesfully kidded, there will be a short break til my last doe of the year, Athena kids around July 1st. I'm looking forward to the end of kidding season 2011, its time to milk and enjoy the babies and not worry about all that could go wrong with delivery!

I'm headed to my sister's WEDDING this weekend! (Yes the BIG day is almost here) so there won't be time for blog updates/website updates but I will have lots to post next week, and I promise to have some rabbit news/photos to add at that time too.

Until then I wish you all well and ask you to please keep Kristen of Keep's Rabbitry in your thoughts/prayers; she sufferred a tragic loss of many beautiful rabbits due to heat stroke. Kristen is a beloved bunny friend and I can only imagine the pain she is in at the moment - I know had it been my bunnies I would be just as devastated and lost.

Heat related incidents can happen to ANYONE, Kristen's tragic loss made me think about my bunnies and the heat. I know that if my bunnies were still in their old barn (now the dog kennel) if I lost power and the A/C failed without a doubt I would lose many rabbits to heat stroke if I were not home as the barn's temperature would soar without A/C. My current setup does expose the rabbits to warmer temperatures but it is open aired which keeps them cooler from the cross breezes and fans. Most importantly the bunnies in the new open air setup are safe from the dangers of an enclosed barn but this is far from perfect and there is a very REAL and scary chance that any bunny could overheat and die on warm days even in an open air barn...

With that said, I'd like to tell Kristen that I'm sending kind thoughts to you and your bunnies and I am certain all of your bunny friends world-wide are wishing you well. <3

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