Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quick Post

I hope all is well with everyone!

My sister's wedding was this past weekend and it was fantastic, many congratulations to her and her new husband! It was alot of fun to see family members I haven't seen in years and to celebrate such a joyous occasion. Their wedding will certainly be one to top!

I'm getting back into the swing of things on the farm after being gone for a few days for the wedding, the goat kids continue to grow like weeds, in a few weeks they'll all be weaned and ready to go to new homes. I'll be updating the website with their photos and posting most of them for sale sometime very soon.

A few of the kids playing on the milking stand

All 6 kids together!

Athena is the last goat left to kid, she is due tomorrow but I suspect she'll be kidding late based on her ligaments and udder development. She's huge and looks very uncomfortable so hopefully it won't be too long of a wait. I'll be watching her closely and will post here when the kids finally arrive.

I have ALOT of bunny stuff to do. Blues, Confetti and Pumpkins' litters all need to be sorted through, they're already weaned just need to be separated into pairs/trios in their own cages for grow out. I did a bunch of culling earlier this week and will have more to do once the unshowables reach processesing weight. A few of the showables that won't work for my program will also be for sale, photos and more info to come soon.

I have my last 4 ARBA Convention litters due this weekend. Nutmeg has been busy nesting and Sage looks like she's about to burst, hopefully these litters will provide me with some nicely typed, colored and marked juniors to show in Indianapolis this fall. Its hard to believe we're only a few months away from Convention again, even though there's still a good amount of time left, its never too early to get final plans underway. The hotel is already booked and I'm starting to figure out how much space/holes my travel companions and I will have for the big trip.

More updates will be added sometime soon, with the wedding over and working only a few nights a week at the moment I don't have any excuses when it comes to keeping the website and blog up to date. :)

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