Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Athena Kidded! - Its TWINS!

I'm thrilled to report that kidding season of 2011 has come to a wonderful close.

Athena kidded two beautiful healthy doelings this morning on day 159 of her pregnancy. The delivery was fairly uneventful and the two kids were up and nursing in minutes.

Its a great relief to not have to worry about any more deliveries and just be able to enjoy the 8 beautiful kids born on the farm this year; 4 doelings and 4 bucklings.

The first little girl arrives!

The second doeling followed just moments later

The first doeling is up and ready to go

Her sister followed just a few minutes later

The two sisters together

A very proud Athena keeps watch on her new babies

Doeling # 1 almost dry and completely fuzzy

Doeling # 2 also almost dry and fuzzy

The other kids are growing like absolute weeds, the first kid celebrated his one month birthday today! They are such a joy to play with, they love to leap into laps and snuggle.

From left to right, Dixie's doeling "Dudette," Chime's buckling "Gigantor," and Caddy's buckling (un-named)

Caddy's twins napping in the hay rack, the doeling on the left and the buckling on the right, these two cuties are so flashy!

Almondy Joy's twin bucklings, the chocolate on the left and the black on the right.

In Rabbit News, I've had some disapointments with my ARBA Convention litters and will have to do some last minure re-breeding for very young juniors at the show. Sage has 4 marked babies in her litter and Nutmeg has 2 marked babies in hers. Tibs had a DOA litter of 1 and Churro has not kindled yet.. I'm going to breed some first time charlie x sport crosses and see if I get lucky for the next round of litters.

I'm off to start the long process of updating my poor website, hope to have it finished by tomorrow!

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