Friday, July 22, 2011

This Heat..

The heat index hit 117 today and unfortunately I lost two animals as a result.

The first was a Dominique hen I found I thought to be sleeping in the goat buck barn, I assume she passed from the heat, why she wasn't out in the yard with the other hens, I don't know..

The second is a really horrible loss, Ruby my beloved Angora was completely clipped down but still was having trouble with the horrible weather. I moved her into the A/C mid-day when she was showing heat stress despite having frozen water bottles and being misted... Her core temp was not that high by rectal thermometer and she was cooled off using the same methods we use in the veterinary clinic. Unfortunately she continued to decline after being adequately cooled and began to seize. I made the very difficult decision to humanely euthanize her when she began to seize. Ruby was the start of my rabbit show hobby and will be dearly missed. :(

The other animals are tolerating the heat, the chickens really worry me as they are complete idiots and will stand in the sun instead of in the puddles Pumba the pig makes when he splashes in his baby pool.

So far the goats are doing okay, Banjo who have severe heart problems due to congenital defects is the only one who is really concerning me besides the kids.

The Rhinelanders are handling the heat as best they can, there are fans blowing air around 24/7, ceiling fans and exhaust fans, frozen water bottles and misting as often as I can.. I hope that these two losses will be my only ones to the heat but tomorrow is slated to be just as bad..

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