Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Weekend Improves!

While the start of the weekend was no fun with losing Ruby and the hen, the weekend did improve even if the temperature remained unbelievably hot.

My mom came to visit and we finally took a trip to Montpelier, the home of James Madison which is about 30 minutes from my farm. While it did rain some, the trip was alot fun and the grounds are really impressive.

My mom outside the home of James Madison

Me and the sign for Montpelier from the train tracks

Along with a trip to Montpelier, the Orange county fair was being held across the street so we stopped by for some old fashioned country fun. This is a real agricultural fair as there are no rides, the highlights are the exhibits and the livestock the youth raise in 4H.

This was a neat planting exhibit I liked!

I loved these sculptues made from old barrels.

Ducks at the fair

They were offering oxen rides and all I could think of was that my wagon would sink when we forged the river and I'd need to buy new oxen.. lol you can tell I'm from the Oregon Trail generation!

A handsome calf

The pigs drank out of water hoses!

These pigs actually make Pumba look small!

its not a fair unless you eat a funnel cake!

Dairy cows

Angora goats!

I also had some more farm visitors, my mom's boyfriend's kids and grandkids came to visit the farm.

The goats enjoyed the attention!

Kid with kids!

Even the baby got to enjoy the critters

Pumba loved the extra treats and attention after he warmed up to his visitors!

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