Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time is flying

There really isn't a to much to report on the farm. Except for a big welcome to Pumba's new baby brother Timon the pot belly piglet!

Fall is in the air, the leaves in my forest are getting their first hints of yellow and soon they will all be changing into reds and oranges too.

I'm working a whole bunch lately, anywhere from 6-7 days a week at the day practice and ER clinic so all my time not spent at work has been going into routine farm upkeep.

The animals are all doing well, the piglet has just been weaned off the bottle and is growing like a weed. Unlike baby Pumba this piglet is alot more social and demanding of attention. He is very feisty and hopefully will be friends with Pumba once he's bigger, right now he's way too small to meet Pumba except through a cage wall.

The goats and rabbits are all doing well - ARBA Convention for the bunnies is rapidly approaching which means its time for me to make my final show list and get the trailer all set for the bunnies' journey.

The only goat news to report is that the fainters will be surgically dehorned once the last of fly season is over and then they will be bred for spring goat fainter kids.

I'll do my best to get some more regular updates on here - just trying to find the time between work and farm fun is hard!

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  1. I miss your blogs Whitney, but it sounds like you're extremely busy. Don't overwork yourself. :) By the way, the new piglet is super adorable.