Thursday, November 3, 2011

Back from Convention!

I'm home from ARBA Convention 2011!

All in all it was a good if not chaotic experience. Every time I attend Convention (this one was my 3rd) I learn alot be it about traveling with rabbits, showing rabbits or running a national show.

There was alot of good things about Convention in Indianapolis and alot of things that were far from pleasant. I'll go into more details about the experience when I have some time to go into more depth about the whole event and will post photos at that time too.

As for my placements? I didn't do all that great this year, this was my first time ever showing Rhinelanders at a national convention and my highest placements were in junior bucks, I took 8th and 9th out of 32 animals, not bad considering the stiff competition and where my Rhinelander program stands.

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  1. That's great placements! Congrats! Can't wait to hear more and see some pictures. :)