Sunday, December 18, 2011

And the goals for 2012 are..

2012 will hopefully be another wonderful year on the farm.

Here's a tentative list of farm goals for the upcoming new year:

  • Clear land! This is a big one as I plan to clear a large amont of land in early 2012 for future garden space, livestock space and so forth. Smaller parts of this huge project will include cleaning up the trail on my property and adding more trails.

  • Re-do the goat setups again, most importantly adjust the kidding/milking pen and move the bucks farther away from the does so they no longer share a fence line at all.

  • Get a garden growing, do some landscaping, make the farm greener overall.

  • By the end of 2012 completely switch over to a commercial breed(s) of rabbit so that I can venture into more serious meat production in 2012.

So that sums up my goals for the new year on the farm. They may not seem like many but each one is a big undertaking and I really look forward to seeing what happens when the land is cleared, the garden is growing and the farm slowly transitions from a hobby to hopefully a working endeavor.

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