Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Weekend Improves!

While the start of the weekend was no fun with losing Ruby and the hen, the weekend did improve even if the temperature remained unbelievably hot.

My mom came to visit and we finally took a trip to Montpelier, the home of James Madison which is about 30 minutes from my farm. While it did rain some, the trip was alot fun and the grounds are really impressive.

My mom outside the home of James Madison

Me and the sign for Montpelier from the train tracks

Along with a trip to Montpelier, the Orange county fair was being held across the street so we stopped by for some old fashioned country fun. This is a real agricultural fair as there are no rides, the highlights are the exhibits and the livestock the youth raise in 4H.

This was a neat planting exhibit I liked!

I loved these sculptues made from old barrels.

Ducks at the fair

They were offering oxen rides and all I could think of was that my wagon would sink when we forged the river and I'd need to buy new oxen.. lol you can tell I'm from the Oregon Trail generation!

A handsome calf

The pigs drank out of water hoses!

These pigs actually make Pumba look small!

its not a fair unless you eat a funnel cake!

Dairy cows

Angora goats!

I also had some more farm visitors, my mom's boyfriend's kids and grandkids came to visit the farm.

The goats enjoyed the attention!

Kid with kids!

Even the baby got to enjoy the critters

Pumba loved the extra treats and attention after he warmed up to his visitors!

Friday, July 22, 2011

This Heat..

The heat index hit 117 today and unfortunately I lost two animals as a result.

The first was a Dominique hen I found I thought to be sleeping in the goat buck barn, I assume she passed from the heat, why she wasn't out in the yard with the other hens, I don't know..

The second is a really horrible loss, Ruby my beloved Angora was completely clipped down but still was having trouble with the horrible weather. I moved her into the A/C mid-day when she was showing heat stress despite having frozen water bottles and being misted... Her core temp was not that high by rectal thermometer and she was cooled off using the same methods we use in the veterinary clinic. Unfortunately she continued to decline after being adequately cooled and began to seize. I made the very difficult decision to humanely euthanize her when she began to seize. Ruby was the start of my rabbit show hobby and will be dearly missed. :(

The other animals are tolerating the heat, the chickens really worry me as they are complete idiots and will stand in the sun instead of in the puddles Pumba the pig makes when he splashes in his baby pool.

So far the goats are doing okay, Banjo who have severe heart problems due to congenital defects is the only one who is really concerning me besides the kids.

The Rhinelanders are handling the heat as best they can, there are fans blowing air around 24/7, ceiling fans and exhaust fans, frozen water bottles and misting as often as I can.. I hope that these two losses will be my only ones to the heat but tomorrow is slated to be just as bad..

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Busy & A Family Farm Visit

Its been a while since I've updated the blog, my apologies! Even though I'm working a little less for a short while the farm is taking up more time then ever with goats in milk and a barn FULL of rabbits!

A few weekends back I had a really nice visit from my immediate family; my mom, her boyfriend, and my grandparents all came to visit. I got to share my baby goats and kittens with them and all in all we had a wonderful time.

Here they are on the way to the goat paddock, my grandma has one of the kittens in hand!

Here's my grandpa with another one of the kittens

My mom and my grandparents each have a kitten in this photo!

By the way these kittens would still like good homes, they are learning to be mousers and are now mostly outdoor kitties but still have access to litterboxes if someone wants to transition them back indoors. They are VERY friendly.

Grandma meets the goat kids, everyone is excited!

Grandpa and Grandma with some of the kids

Mom with Caddy's buckling

Goats everywhere!!

Grandpa and Wind Chime's buckling

Grandma with Athena's doeling and Caddy's buckling

Mom, Athena's doeling and Steve

Even the rear ends of goat kids are cute ;)

And finally Steve, my mom with "Mascara" Caddy's doeling who matched my mom's shirt perfectly!

I'm going to have more farm visitors this weekend so I'm trying to get the place cleaned up a bit since the majority of construction is now over for the season. The buck paddock was expanded so that the boys have a larger wooded space to play in which they seem to be enjoying. With all the outdoor projects at a wrap except for some debris pickup I'm trying to plan out how I want to fix up the backyard and garden beds, there's alot to think about.

Rabbits are all doing well, I lost my most recent litters I suspect to heat so I'm crossing my fingers my next 3 does kindle healthy litters, the 4th doe I bred did not take and its too late at this point to rebreed her for Convention juniors, they'd be way too young. At this point I have a few things to show at Convention and am looking forward to seeing how every bunny matures over the next few months.

Baby chicks will be arriving soon, I delayed shipment due to the extreme heat we've been having but I'll have a bunch of cute baby chicks on the farm again soon which will be alot of fun.

That's all the news for now, I'll try and update the blog more often and actually get to some website updates soon.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Updated Sales List

If you visit my facebook page for the farm (see the link in the box to the right) you can see an album of some of the rabbits currently for sale.

I still have more bunnies to photograph and upload, I'll try to get them up by Friday!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Athena Kidded! - Its TWINS!

I'm thrilled to report that kidding season of 2011 has come to a wonderful close.

Athena kidded two beautiful healthy doelings this morning on day 159 of her pregnancy. The delivery was fairly uneventful and the two kids were up and nursing in minutes.

Its a great relief to not have to worry about any more deliveries and just be able to enjoy the 8 beautiful kids born on the farm this year; 4 doelings and 4 bucklings.

The first little girl arrives!

The second doeling followed just moments later

The first doeling is up and ready to go

Her sister followed just a few minutes later

The two sisters together

A very proud Athena keeps watch on her new babies

Doeling # 1 almost dry and completely fuzzy

Doeling # 2 also almost dry and fuzzy

The other kids are growing like absolute weeds, the first kid celebrated his one month birthday today! They are such a joy to play with, they love to leap into laps and snuggle.

From left to right, Dixie's doeling "Dudette," Chime's buckling "Gigantor," and Caddy's buckling (un-named)

Caddy's twins napping in the hay rack, the doeling on the left and the buckling on the right, these two cuties are so flashy!

Almondy Joy's twin bucklings, the chocolate on the left and the black on the right.

In Rabbit News, I've had some disapointments with my ARBA Convention litters and will have to do some last minure re-breeding for very young juniors at the show. Sage has 4 marked babies in her litter and Nutmeg has 2 marked babies in hers. Tibs had a DOA litter of 1 and Churro has not kindled yet.. I'm going to breed some first time charlie x sport crosses and see if I get lucky for the next round of litters.

I'm off to start the long process of updating my poor website, hope to have it finished by tomorrow!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday. I'll be celebrating by helping save animal lives at my job. One of the hazards of working emergency veterinary medicine is every holiday is a work day, but I can't complain; I love what I do.