Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quick Website Note

I have been very behind on keeping the farm website up to date...

Since the farm is very much in a transition stage, especially with the bunnies I took down the specific sections on each species/type of animal the farm raises to do some major overhauls and when those updates are complete the sections will be added back to the website.

The rabbit section will be trimmed down a bit while still offering as much info on how I care for/raise my breeds of rabbits. I will have a new section on buying rabbit meat directly from the farm for both animal and human consumption and a section on rabbit furs too.

Most importantly with the goats I wanted to get new winter fuzzy photos of all the herd animals, post the breeding schedule for 2012/13 and make sure all my management info is up to date.

The poultry section will still be a bit of a work in progress since I haven't taken the plunge into breeding my birds yet but hope to by the end of this year.

I will be launching a pair of new sites hopefully by mid-year. The first site is in association with my kennel partner for our miniature/mid-size goldendoodle puppies and a separate site for my pit bulls/amercian bullies and my miniature poodles. The dog sites will be puppy/future litter related but will also cover alot of the dog activities my pups participate in and so forth.

Lots of web editing to do, lots of photos to take but hopefully the finished projects will be informative, functional and eye catching!

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