Sunday, April 22, 2012

April Showers

Its been a few weeks since I've updated the blog, figured it was time to post a quick update!

All is well on the farm, trees have come down for the big 2012 land clearing project but many more will need to come down before the stumps are pulled and the newly cleared land is ready to be prepped for use. 

The next big project that will begin soon is the buck goats will be moving to a new mostly wooded paddock where they will no longer share a fence line with the does, this will make life much easier for both the bucks and does as the boys head into rut and the does go into heat. Dandy is a little over a week away from her kidding date and she is just enormous! I am so excited for baby fainting goat kids and will post as soon as I can after the kids arrive. Ribbon is also bred but not due until fall, they are the only goats I am breeding this year as the projects for improving the paddocks and moving things around are underway, this fall/next year the Nigerians will be stagger bred in the hopes of having milk year round.

The little Creme D'Argent rabbit kits are not so little anymore, I'll be sexing them and starting to track weights this coming week. They have grown into very mellow little bunnies, Fig has been an excellent mom to her brood and I'm really impressed so far with the breed, they will definitely be one of the breeds I'll raise as I transition into my commercial project. I'll try and get some updated photos of the kits on here soon.

Other than the land clearing, goat shuffling and rabbit news there isn't too much to report, just alot of planning going on as I constantly look to the future on how to improve Imagination Acres Farm!

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